Our Old Church is Evolving with Technology

Dear Friends

Welcome to our newly designed website.  Many thanks to Shawna Doyle for building this site for us, and to both Shawna and Ron Brennan for working out the web-hosting.  

Our first site, designed and coded by Bill Chambré, was launched back on March 18, 1998.   I think we were the first church in Glengarry to do so.  Our son, Sam Chambré, pointed out that that was before he was even born.  I thought to myself that while my husband was building a website, I was "building" another human being (born Dec 2, 1998).  Unlike our website, which found itself without a host earlier this year, Sam is not anticipating being homeless upon turning 17.  Bill overhauled our website once, and then it was over to Sarah McDonald to redesign and update our site.  Thanks to both Bill and Sarah for enabling our online presence.  Losing our web-hoster, and our presence on the internet, prompted us to launch a Facebook page (thanks to Melanie Dawson), to seek a new web-hosting site, and to ask for help in building a new website.  

As one of the oldest churches (1787) in Glengarry, we are happy to be using social media.  As we like to say, "we are proud of our heritage and evolving to meet the changing needs in our society and world."

Here is one of my favourite church photos.