From baptisms to an annual meeting - connecting past, present and future

Over the last two Sundays, we have welcomed three children through the sacrament of baptism.  We have proclaimed what is already true, with no ritual required, that these children are children of God, as is all of humanity.  Jesus fully realized that he was a child of God.  We are invited into that realization.  

The girls baptized two Sundays ago, might say they have a "claim on a pew," as their great-uncle's initials are carved in the back of one of those pews.  The baby boy baptized this past Sunday, is a child of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders Regiment, which shares the same early roots as St. Andrew's United Church.  This family chose to have their child baptized by their chaplain.

Wyatt and his parents, Sgt Kevin McHardy and Cindy Cholette

Wyatt and his parents, Sgt Kevin McHardy and Cindy Cholette

After this second baptismal service, we had our annual meeting - our 228th annual meeting!  I think it is the annual meeting I have enjoyed the most, in my 18 years here.  We reviewed our reports, we laughed, we debated options for the future and came to consensus, and laughed some more.

Thank you to all the people who offer leadership, time, talent and treasure to enable ongoing ministry at our church so that we can continue to welcome newcomers, and offer blessings to young and old.