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"Jesus: Forgiving Victim"

This will be a replay of a webcast with Richard Rohr and James Alison.

Richard Rohr, Fransiscan priest and founder of the Centre for Action and Contemplation (, and

James Alison  Catholic theologian, priest, author, and developer of the Forgiving Victim program (

In dialogue with one another, James Alison and Richard Rohr help us understand what Jesus’ death and resurrection mean for us. Drawing from philosopher René Girard’s work, they free this familiar biblical story from unhelpful, toxic interpretations such as “sacrifice” and “atonement.” While the human psyche readily projects its shadow onto others, identifying a scapegoat to carry our inner shame, Jesus—the forgiving victim—shows us a way of surrender that heals and transforms even the deepest wounds. By ending the cycle of violence we become free to experience true union with God and each other.

Rohr and Alison show us how we can apply this archetype to our individual faith journeys and communities. Together they offer insights that are teachable, prayable, and most importantly, livable.

Earlier Event: August 10
Care Cafe
Later Event: August 14
Worship Service