Children at St. Andrew's United Church

Each Sunday, we provide a children`s program and a nursery as a safe place for children to belong within our community and to grow in spirit.  


workshop rotation model

For children ages five to 12, (and younger/older, depending on the young person), we provide a six- year rotational program, based on the Workshop Rotation Model (WoRM). Each year we spend time exploring seven different Biblical stories, using different modalities or learning experiences.  Each story is explored for four to five weeks in a row, allowing for repetition and for different ways to appreciate and understand the stories. With the help of the teacher, the children unearth the "morals of the story" and identify how these ancient stories can apply to modern lives. Our underlying them is caring for each other and our planet.  We make every effort to share an array of approaches to storytelling as well as thoughtful approaches to God, be it through creative, relational, learning, serving, movement or stillness practices.


We have a nursery room where young children are engaged in supervised play.  Sometimes the younger ones choose to join in with the "big kids" in the Workshop Rotation Model programme.

Family Camping weekend

A summer weekend for children, youth, and their leaders and parents.  In 2014, it was a long road-trip to Tadoussac, QC, to go whale watching for a weekend (part of the exploration of the story of Jonah and the whale).  In 2015, we stayed close to home, going to Glengarry Park.