Potluck Going Away Party for Andrea and Bill

A Wayfairing Song

By Henry Van Dyke

O who will walk a mile with me,

Along life’s merry way?

A comrade blithe and full of glee,

Who dares to laugh out loud and free,

And let his frolic fancy play,

Like a happy child, through the flowers gay

That fill the field and fringe the way

Where he walks a mile with me.

And who will walk a mile with me

Along life’s weary way?

A friend whose heart has eyes to see

The stars shine out o’er the darkening lea,

And the quite rest at the end o’ the day—

A friend who knows, and dares to say,

The brave, sweet words that cheer the way

Where he walks a mile with me.

With such a comrade, such a friend,

I fain would walk till journey’s end.

Through summer sunshine, winter rain,

And then?-Farewell, we shall meet again.


 Potluck Going Away Party for Andrea and Bill

We rarely get the opportunity for long good byes.  A chance to say one more thing that we forgot to say.

There is gratitude for the slow goodbye to ease in to living without their physical presence.  Our lives have been changed and we hope that they bring the best of us with them, and the best of them remains with us.

We will have a chance to say good bye and one last thing, to Bill and Andrea at our monthly Pot Luck this Sunday night. The event starts at 5 pm on July 28th and will be held at Irvine Hall.

The food is always as varied as we are, and as plentiful as the love we share.  Please feel welcome, and join us.

Posted by: Luane Doyle.

Logan Laine Sunday


There will be a funeral for Logan Sunday at St Andrew’s United Church on Saturday, July 27 at 11am.

For those coming to Logan’s funeral, there is parking available at Char-Lan high school. The family has asked that the parking close to the church be left available for family and those with limited mobility. Thank you for your consideration.

Our prayers go out to the Warden and Sunday families, and all who are grieving.

For information on Visitation and to share your Memories, please visit: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/cornwall-on/logan-sunday-8786068

Communion Sunday with Rev. Janet Evans

Communion Goblet and Bread

Hello everyone!

This Sunday June 23rd is Communion Sunday. Rev. Janet Evans will be in at St. Andrews United Church in Williamstown to deliver worship and perform communion services.

The Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, Eucharist—these different terms refer to the same sacrament shared by most Christian denominations, a symbolic meal.

Communion is celebrated at a table that suggests the dining table in our homes. At the communion table, we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the host and all are guests. The meal uses the symbols of small pieces of bread and a taste of wine or juice to remind us of Jesus’ last supper with his followers and of God’s enduring love.

The United Church practices an open table, inviting all who seek to love Jesus to share in this family meal.

In the communion meal, wine poured out and bread broken,
we remember Jesus.
We remember not only the promise but also the price that he paid
for who he was,
for what he did and said,
and for the world’s brokenness.
We taste the mystery of God’s great love for us,
and are renewed in faith and hope. (A Song of Faith)

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Get Growing! Community Garden at St. Andrews United Church - Williamstown

Luane Doyle and Lorna Grant - Community Garden

Community Garden Ready for Planting!

With the summer finally underway, Luane Doyle and Lorna Grant along with the Swerdfegers and other church members have been busy getting the soil ready for planting.

This community garden is open to all members of the community whether you’d like to plant your own vegetables, relax in the garden and contribute your time to helping weed and maintain the space or harvest some vegetables to help ensure your family has access fresh and healthy vegetables.

For more information, contact frequent worship leader Luane Doyle at luanedoyle@hotmail.com

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E-NEWS: September 1, 2018

E-NEWS: September 1, 2018

By Melanie Dawson

I can't begin to tell you how proud we are of our own Stephanie Jaworski who is running for municipal councillor this fall, in South Glengarry's on October 22nd election.

Burgeoned by her successes last year with the whole Char-Lan schools file, we are confidant that Stephanie would be an excellent representative for our area and bring some new blood with fresh ideas about our education system to the municipal table.