E-NEWS: September 1, 2018

By Melanie Dawson

Happy Labour Day Week-end ! I don’t know if people actually say that as a greeting, but I thought it was kind of appropriate as we mark the unofficial end to the summer of 18’. Back to school, home from the cottage, off to college, back to the grind for some – for me, we are moving into my Bob’s favourite season……. 

All in all, it was a good summer on the farm. Not great and not mediocre, somewhere in between, we’ll have to invent a new word. I think it was that kind of a summer for most, including all the various Fairs and Festivities around our region – and most of the outdoor activities. I never thought I would live to see an event cancelled because of the heat, and yet there were several of those around South Eastern Ontario this summer. 

Most of our farming neighbours tell me that the corn stalk is higher than usual around here this year, but the ears are smaller. Nobody is really complaining though, it was lining up to look very dry, just a few short weeks ago. 

As I mentioned in our last newsletter in July, it has been a little quieter than usual around our church, Irvine Hall, and St ARC this summer. Our Minister search committee continues to search - and we as a congregation continue to function with invited guests, lay ministers, and special events in the planning - for the Fall and Winter season. 

Many were very busy with the Fair all the way into August, and we again hosted the Sunday morning ecumenical service at Centre Stage. 

Upcoming Sunday Morning Worship Services * 9:30am 

At St-Andrew’s United Church - Williamstown 

Sunday, Sept. 2nd: Labour Day Week-end * Worship Leader: Deborah Suddard 

Sunday, Sept. 9th: Creation time * Worship Leader: Deborah Suddard 

This Week at St Andrew’s United Church 

Deborah Suddard is quickly becoming a very familiar face to many in our congregation. She presided over many of our summer services and will be again this Sunday and next. In fact, she is scheduled for two consecutive Sundays each month, until the end of the year. 

While here during the week, Deborah will be staying at St ARC and is extending an invitation to anyone who wants to drop by, have a cup of tea, compare notes about knitting, or share in a little chat. Or if you know of someone who could use a visit at their home, or some words of comfort from a very interesting master’s student of theology, you can call or text her direct at 613-793-4523 and plan to connect. She is more than happy to meet with any members of our congregation, or other folks in the community. 

And while we are on the subject of pastoral visits, let me remind you, for future reference, that we have a very active Pastoral Care Team on the stand by, ready and able to give you a helping hand at a moments notice. 

Iris Swerdfeger is the chair and available at 613-937-3455 or text at 613-360-9925. The team is made up of Karen Paavilla, Lorna Grant, Elizabeth Clarke, Lucinda Forbes, Bev Craig, Luane Doyle, Linda McDonell (cards) at 613-347-3628), and Eleanor McNaughton (prayer chain) at 613-347-2622. So, the trick is to let someone know on the Pastoral Care Team when you know of someone who is ill, or in hospital, or needs a visit, a card, or a prayer. They are a great bunch and always ready to jump in with some wonderful supportive spirit. 

It is with somewhat of a heavy heart that I head into the fall season knowing that I won’t be teaching Sunday School when all gets back to normal next Sunday – Sept 9th. I hate the feeling that I am abandoning my little munchkins, but I have been at it for a full life cycle of 7 years now and there comes a time when schedules collide, and difficult choices have to be made. 

Lorna Grant will be piloting start up activities in September and then will coordinate teachers, through parents, and other volunteers. Please let Lorna know if you might be interested in the instant rewards of teaching Sunday School. should tell Lorna know.


Tuesday September 25th: 7pm - Meeting of the Official Board at St-ARC 

As in April, after the 7pm OB meeting opening all Committees will break out for their respective meetings from 7:15 and 8:15. At 8:15 The Official Board will reconvene to tie things together 

Known non-routine items include a report on Remits, an update on our Minister search, discussion and direction on governance, and appointment of officers. 

Reports are to be tabled from Session, Stewards, M & P, Trustees, Sunday School. 

If you have any additional items for inclusion in the Agenda, please forward them the chair, DJ McDonald: dj.mcdonald@sympatico.ca 


Saturday, October 27th: Noon start: CELEBRATING PRESBYTERY * All members of churches in Seaway Valley Presbytery are cordially invited to attend this celebration hosted at Christ Church United in Chesterville. 

R.S.V.P before October 15 to Chris Morgan - wjchrismorgan@gmail.com or 613-258-7559 

12:00: Catered LUNCH • 

1:30: ACTIVITIES • Displays, socializing, children’s activities 

2:30: PERFORMANCE • Marleen Fawcett (http://www.marleenfawcett.com : RNB, Country, Classic Rock, Pop hits, Americana) 



Saturday, October 13th The UCC “Travelling Road Show” to take place at Knox-St. Paul’s United Church in Cornwall.

We are hoping that all who registered for the last one will find this date to be convenient instead, and welcome new registrants. This event is nicely placed just after GC43, so bring your questions, and speak to the presentation leaders from the General Council Philanthropy Unit. It will be an information full time, with lots of resources to take home and share with your respective church. 

Stephanie Jaworski

Stephanie Jaworski running for councillor

In closing, I can't begin to tell you how proud we are of our own Stephanie Jaworski who is running for municipal councillor this fall, in South Glengarry's on October 22nd election to be precise. Ever notice how people become "our own", when they do something noteworthy ? 

Well without braking every rule in the book, that exists somewhere I'm sure, about the ethics of politics and endorsements - we are all very proud of our member, and mother of three of our Sunday School regulars, as she embarks on another episode in her young life. 

Burgeoned by her successes last year with the whole Char-Lan schools file, we are confidant that Stephanie would be an excellent representative for our area and bring some new blood with fresh ideas about our education system to the municipal table. 

Stephanie was seen busy doing some glad handing and general politicking at the fair and then home on the Hops farm with husband Ron Brennan for their annual Hops Harvest Party last week end, that is becoming an annual event on Maple Road.