Our Sunday services are joyful and creatively provide contemporary expression of the Christian Faith.

Each week we remind ourselves that "we are not alone" by gathering as a community.

Fathers' Day, 2014 - "Church on the Move"

Fathers' Day, 2014 - "Church on the Move"

Through inspiring music, times of quiet reflection and prayerful meditation, storytelling with children and adults, and non-literalist interpretation of Scripture, we engage the heart and mind as we celebrate our faith. We weave the values and theology into our weekly worship.  Usually our services are held in our beautiful sanctuary.  Sometimes we are mobile.  

On Fathers' Day, we typically bicycle to neighbouring Catholic, Presbyterian and Anglican Churches.


What to Expect

Our gatherings allow us to come together to explore our faith, to build supportive relationships, and to reach out to our community and the world.

  • a welcoming atmosphere
  • an open-minded approach to Biblical stories and how they might inform our modern lives
  • traditional and contemporary - from kerosene lamps to a smart TV screen; classic hymns to new songs from around the world
  • laughter, and sometimes tears
  • more questions than answers
  • cultivation of healing and hope, social justice and care for the environment