Ceud Mile Failte - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Ceud Mile Failte - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes
Welcome to St. Andrew's United Church. A welcoming and community oriented church; proud of our heritage and evolving to meet the changing needs in our society and world.


Join Reverend Andrea Harrison each Sunday at 9:30am at St. Andrew's United Church in Williamstown. Sunday School is available for the youngsters.
21 Jan

New Photos Added!

Photos from Travis McKay and  Asha Pritchard's wedding (January 13, 2013) were added to the photo album.  The photographer was Melanie Boileau.  Thank you to Cathy McKay for submitting them.

McKay - Pritchard Wedding Photos

05 Jan

Happy New Year

We began our new year at church with the baptism of Liam Roy, son of Sarah Henssen and Ben Roy.  Rev Andrea invited Liam to join her at the front before the service, thinking she would ask him to help her to pour the water in the font.  Liam replied, however, that we had to sing first :)  He did help Andrea pour the water, when he came up with his parents after the first hymn.

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