Join Reverend Andrea Harrison each Sunday at 9:30am at St. Andrew's United Church in Williamstown. Sunday School is available for the youngsters.

Ceud Mile Failte - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Ceud Mile Failte - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes
Welcome to St. Andrew's United Church. A welcoming and community oriented church; proud of our heritage and evolving to meet the changing needs in our society and world.
22 Dec

Christmas Eve Service 8pm

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Wednesday, Dec 24 – 8pm : We will be holding our traditional Christmas Eve family service and if you only go to church once a year, this is the one.  We will share in carols, prayers, and as usual, some participation, by everyone present, in the telling of the Christmas story. (For those who came last year, there will be no "baaa-ing" - instead some Ooo-ing (in 3-part harmony) and Ahhh-ing.)  We will be also be remembering that 100 years ago, soldiers sang Christmas carols in their trenches, leading to a Christmas Eve/Day truce. Everyone is invited - from those who have been coming for generations, to those who would like to visit or drop in just this once – welcome to anyone who would like to experience this special evening in this special place.

22 Dec

Merry Christmas

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Dear Friends
One of my favourite Christmas greetings this season came to me in a card from Katherine & Alistair MacDonald and the staff at Munro and Morris Funeral Home.  It said,
Blessed be the season,
which engages the whole world
in a conspiracy of love.
Blessed indeed!  As we encounter the bad news broadcast in the media, or troubling or sad news from family and friends, the Christmas themes of hope, peace, joy and love can seem a little beyond our reach.  A conspiracy of love, however, acknowledges the troubles, and says that something else is possible, and that we are not alone in conspiring to be part of a love that engages the whole world.  
The gospels all begin by broadcasting GOOD news.  Mark launches right into Jesus' ministry, with no nativity story, just one pithy phrase,  "The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God."  Matthew and Luke elaborate on how it is that Jesus is the Son of God, including virgin birth stories, angel visitations and genealogies.  Matthew tells us that wise men from the East came to Jesus' house and offered him gifts.  Luke tells us that Jesus was born in a stable, and that shepherds came to visit him there.  The Gospel of John has no nativity stories.  He goes for a larger metaphor, describing Jesus as the Word - the impulse through which all things came into being - and as life and light that shines in the darkness.  Four authors, trying to say that something profound has happened which affects the whole world:  
- an impulse from the beginning of time, 
- a Son of God who is not like the ruthless emperors and kings of the time, 
- one in human form who would bring awareness of the presence of God to the wisest and the lowliest
- a vision of God's kingdom of peace, joy, love and hope that requires, as always, nurturing by individuals and communities, just as the vulnerable infant Jesus needed parents and community to nurture him.  
This season, may you be caught up in the Christmas story, and find yourself being part of the conspiracy of love that engages the whole world.
~ Andrea
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