Ceud Mile Failte - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Ceud Mile Failte - One Hundred Thousand Welcomes
Welcome to St. Andrew's United Church. A welcoming and community oriented church; proud of our heritage and evolving to meet the changing needs in our society and world.


Join Reverend Andrea Harrison each Sunday at 9:30am at St. Andrew's United Church in Williamstown. Sunday School is available for the youngsters.
04 Feb

10-Day Silent Retreat

This afternoon, I am heading to the Vipassana Retreat Centre, just outside of Montebello, Quebec, where I will spend 10 days in silence, and learn how to meditate.  This is a wonderful opportunity for me.  I am grateful to the church for the two weeks study leave, to my Regiment for support, and to my family for this gift of time.  I will have no phones, no computers, no books, pens, paper, music - just silence and instruction each day on how to meditate.  This is a "spiritual experiment" of sorts, and I'm curious to experience the process and see the results.  Bill has suggested I write a "Bliss Blog" when I return.

While I am away, Rev. Lois Gaudet will be providing pastoral coverage for the church.  She can be reached at 613-347-1315.  Thank you, Lois, for this.

22 Dec

Christmas Eve Service 8pm

Christmas Eve Service Banner.jpg

Wednesday, Dec 24 – 8pm : We will be holding our traditional Christmas Eve family service and if you only go to church once a year, this is the one.  We will share in carols, prayers, and as usual, some participation, by everyone present, in the telling of the Christmas story. (For those who came last year, there will be no "baaa-ing" - instead some Ooo-ing (in 3-part harmony) and Ahhh-ing.)  We will be also be remembering that 100 years ago, soldiers sang Christmas carols in their trenches, leading to a Christmas Eve/Day truce. Everyone is invited - from those who have been coming for generations, to those who would like to visit or drop in just this once – welcome to anyone who would like to experience this special evening in this special place.

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